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Austin Wheel RepairFor those customers located in Austin, simply drop off your wheels at Hub Cap Annie located at 10104 North Lamar Blvd in Austin. We will repair your wheels and rims! If you are looking for a rim repair shop or a shop that does wheel repair in the Central Texas area then call us at 512-837-0065.

Hub Cap Annie provides the following services on rims; wheel repair, rim repair, wheel refinishing, alloy wheel repair, bent wheel, bent rim repair, wheel straightening, wheel refurbishing, wheel restoration, wheel reconditioning, paint, powder coating wheels, black powder coating wheels, polishing, weld repair, curb rash, CNC machining.

We have a special process that is unique to the industry. It allows us to have your wheels and rims back to a like new condition in the least amount of time possible.


Wheel Repair After

Wheel Repair After

Wheel Repair Before

Wheel Repair Before









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Austin Wheel Repair

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