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Hub Cap Annie’s tale has been told so many times in Austin, Texas that it’s a part of Austin Folklore. But since we’re global now, we know some of you may not have heard her story, so here it is…

The story begins in 1980, when Barbara Sanders was convinced to follow in her sister’s footsteps and open what was to be the 2nd ever Hub Cap Annie (the 1st one was in Memphis, founded by her sister, Nancy Utley). Throwing caution to the wind, she left the security of the legal profession and pursued a career specializing in wheels and hubcaps. It was a “learn as you go” adventure for “Annie”, but before long she became the only wheel and hubcap expert around. She gained local notoriety and the attention of national media being featured in People Magazine and appearing on Real People. It wasn’t long before everyone knew where to go when they needed a hub cap or wheel.

Prior to the creation of Hub Cap Annie, one’s only hope of finding a hubcap or wheel was to go to a junk yard and rummage through all the mud and muck and hope to find what you were looking for, with no guarantee whether it would fit or not; or you could go to the dealer and pay an astronomical amount for a new one. At Hub Cap Annie, we collect them, clean them and categorize them, so all you have to do is walk into our shop and tell us what you need and leave the rest to us. We’ll pull it for you, let you inspect it and then if it’s hubcaps you’re buying, we’ll have one our experts install them for you.

Hub Cap Annie loves to hear a customer say, “you probably don’t have this, but…” and Annie will reply with, “how many do you need?” Helping the public is what we like best about this business. If you’re ever in Austin, Texas, we invite you to come in and experience one of Austin’s favorite landmarks.

Hub Cap Annie sells aftermarket wheel covers, center caps, trim rings, tail lights and grilles online, however, we have an inventory consisting of over 100,000 OEM wheels and over 500,000 OEM wheel covers, centers and trim rings. Since we also have a store front and warehouse in Austin, and sell to walk in customers, our stock changes daily, so putting OEM products online would not be feasible. Please call us toll free at (877) HCA-HUBS and we’ll be happy to assist you in your OEM needs. If we don’t have it in stock here in Austin; we have access to warehouses all over the nation to assist us. At Hub Cap Annie, you can be guaranteed expert service from the gang that started the concept of selling new and used wheel covers and wheels at 30% – 70% less than factory prices!!

Whether you need to replace one wheel cover or wheel, or you need a whole set, Hub Cap Annie has the resources to assist you with whatever you need. With our extensive inventory and connections, we have access to products no other hubcap or wheel store can match.