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Hub Cap Annie specializes in alloy wheel repair, rim repair, alloy wheel repair, bent wheel, bent rim repair, wheel straightening, wheel refurbishing, wheel restoration, wheel reconditioning, paint, powder coating wheels, black powder coating wheels, polishing, weld repair, curb rash, peeling, fading, CNC machining – We Fix It All!!!

bent & cracked wheel repair

scratched wheel before repair scratched wheel repaired

Using Straight Wheels, our dedicated alloy wheel repair and rim repair facility, we refinish, paint and powder coat, weld, and CNC machine. We make your wheels look and feel new! wheel repair facility in San AntonioAll Repairs Are Guaranteed For Fit and Balance
Professional Mounting and Balancing Services

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If your wheel can’t be repaired, we can find you a factory replacement. Hub Cap Annie has access to thousands of used and reconditioned rims that cost anywhere from 30-85% off the factory price.

Call us today 512-837-0065 if you are in need of a factory replacement.

Austin Alloy Scratch Wheel Repair

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Austin Wheel Repair After

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